Jim Dupler, and his one-year-older brother, Phil, moved with their parents, Clyde and Phyllis from their apartment on Murray Ave to the house Clyde built (with no power tools) on the corner of Hunt Rd and Avalon Blvd in 1951. Soon after the move, a teenaged girl across the street named Grace Peterson (Daughter of Hannah Peterson) invited the Dupler Boys to Vacation Bible School at the C&MA Church located in its current location on Third St. They liked it so much they continued to attend Sunday School by themselves for several years. Their folks were busy with building the house and getting established in their new home plus welcoming a new baby named Rodney. So they dropped the boys off at Sunday School each week and picked them up afterwards.

When it came time to start attending their old church again, the Dupler Boys didn’t want to leave “their” church. So Clyde and Phyllis started attending the C&MA church. Both accepted the Lord as their Saviour during different evangelistic services. Jim and a certain brown-haired, dark-eyed girl, named Miriam Bohmer, attended Sunday School together. Since they both had dark hair, they were called upon to play Mary and Joseph in the Christmas pageants. They eventually married in 1967. Although the couple moved to Indianapolis in 1994, they have remained members of the Jamestown church. From one simple invitation to Vacation Bible School by a teenaged girl, the Jamestown C&MA Church became a vital part of the Dupler family-a legacy that continues to this day.

Submitted by Miriam Dupler

  Phil, Rod and Jim Dupler today

   Rod Dupler and his family are still actively involved in     the Jamestown church. Phil lives in Texas, where he       and his wife are very involved in an evangelical               church. Jim and Miriam are active members of the           Eagle Church in Zionsville, Indiana.


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