Stories from the Storefront Years

In celebration of 100 years of ministry we are beginning a series of stories from people who have been touched and changed through the ministry of our church.

1. The Sandwich Man


2. Sentenced


3. Power of an Invitation


4. Store Front- Part 1


5. Store Front - Part II


6. Store Front - Part III


7. Dominoe Effect


8. Kindberg & Hall

Sermons and Podcast

If you missed a service or want to listen to a sermon again, check out our sermon page. Most of the sermons are there including Jeremy Groham's message, Build Your Wall and the new series by Pastor Wayne on God's Promises.

We record our services

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The Alliance Life is a magazine published by our denomination. It contains articles to help you grow closer to God, news about what we are doing around the world, prayer requests from around the globe, articles to stretch and inform you and more. The best part is that you can get a subscription for free. Just click the link below.

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